1073 – Debut Album (2018)


1073 – Rex Wang’s Debut Album (2018)

Pop | Electronic | Rock

10 mp3 files & lyrics, downloadable.

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  1. One of Them Rex Wang 3:29
  2. Rexhits Rex Wang 4:07
  3. Time is up Rex Wang 3:58


About This Album:

Through one-year hard work, I’m so proud that my debut album “1073” is finally here. Within my 8-year production life, I’ve written many tracks for various clients, but making an album for myself is still something that I can only dream of. I don’t have a label to support me, I’m not the best singer, and how can I find my audience as I simply can’t afford the $$$$ for promotions… My head was filled up with concerns, and yet my passion kept pushing me to go for it, so just like a typical musician, I decided to follow my heart and went for it.

The album title “1073” is taken from my favourite microphone preamp – Neve 1073, it is also the preamp I used the most in recording this album. I think the 1073 preamp is kind of a reflection of my attitude on making music – either make it top-notch, or don’t do it at all. This album is 100% made in my studio, I did the lyrics/song writing, arrangement, singing, recording, mixing, mastering and distribution all by myself. It contains everything that I want to share with you – my thoughts, my feelings, my story, my passion, my memory… I hope you would like it.


Track List

  1. One of Them
  2. Unnoticeable
  3. Yeah, I know
  4. Time is Up
  5. No One Else Just You and Me
  6. Rexhits
  7. I’ll Make it
  8. Rewind
  9. All Gone
  10. Story of a guy


“Rexhits”, a suave rocker that moves from quaint verses – featuring subdued vocals and mostly led by the rhythm section – to a more front-and-center chorus, hooky to the extreme upon revealing around 01:20. With personal lyrics emitting musical ambitions and continued determination, Rex lets his soaring voice and trickling melodies exude emotion, reminiscent in tone to a more accessible Shintaro Sakamoto.

Modern rock from Atlanta based troubadour Rex Wang who releases under the avatar of Rexhits. Textured and atmospherically terrific tune Rexhits serves as a musical introduction to the artists himself and will be part of his debut album “Yeah, I Know”.

Built on a jigsaw of sonic pieces from opposite worlds, the exotic sounds of his youth, his embracing of contemporary music, his studies on two different continents, Yeah, I Know is a slick Indie-pop track. It grooves and pops, it is sassy and seductive, it is the sound of modern club culture, the feel of urban life and the buzz of being alive. More than that, between its more obvious qualities it reveals something of the story of the composer himself.

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