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Rex Wang (aka Rexhits), Atlanta based Music Producer/Engineer/Artist, born and raised in Shanghai. Just like the city he grew up in, his music keeps a good balance between modern and retro, with a high degree of attention to detail. Every single track he made, from lyrics/music writing to production, then recording and finally mixing/mastering, he got every step done carefully in his studio.

That’s what he calls "fidelity to music", and his solid music background gives him the confidence to do so. Prior to his indie artist life, Rex Wang has been a professional composer/producer for 8 years. He has worked with some high-profile clients such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Shanghai Media Group, and his compositional works have been performed in multiple cities all around the world.

Rex came across music when he was 5, his parents sent him to a preschool music training center to study Erhu (a traditional Chinese instrument). He had been there studying for 6 years, though he barely enjoyed. The turning point came when he was 12. Influenced by a friend who was a die-hard fan of rock, Rex picked up a crapy guitar, learned some basic chords, joined a band, and started his rock star dream.

That was the start point of his musical life, his love for music just kept growing and growing. One day he was listening to the recording of the band's rehearsal, all of a sudden he found out that the songs he wrote weren't that good, they all sounded alike actually, and he never realized that. The frustration haunted him for several weeks, he tried but he just couldn't come up with anything new. Finally, he figured that the self-learning could only take him to a certain point, he needs to find a way to learn more. That year he was 15, He began his traditional composition study with some of the top instructors in Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The professional training not only helped him broken the wall but also widen his vision.

Later on, he got his bachelor degree in Music Composition&Production from Shanghai Normal University and became a composer/producer. On one hand, he was so happy that he finally managed to transform music from his dream to his career, on the other hand, he realized that "the more you know, the more you know you don't know". So he made another bold move - came to Georgia Institute of Technology to further his study in Music Technology.

As time went on, he earned himself a reputation as composer/producer, and he earned his master degree from Georgia Tech. Everything seemed worked out for him, except one question he started asking himself: "why shouldn't I produce some music for myself?" . Finally, he decided to follow his heart, and yet his debut album is released, and he can't wait to let others hear his own music.

Born and raised in Shanghai, Rex Wang (Rexhits) shows a knack for cohesive hooks in his songwriting, which embraces the retro and modern aspects of pop and rock.

Rexhits really is the sound of east meets west, orient meets Occident, traditional verses contemporary.


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