Play with Shimi

Shimi is a cute robot born in GTCMT, I built a pair of “eyes” and a realtime interactive system for Shimi to interact with me with her “gift of music”. It was a great fun.

Fall in “Fall” – For Alicia


It’s been so long since my last “for-Alicia” song, this year we moved from Shanghai to Atlanta, things changed a lot, and we’ve been busy all the time. Since this is the first song after our marriage, I definitely tried all my best to do it.

So glad that Alicia said it’s the best song ever from me!

Thank to Shi Cheng, my colleague in GaTech, who is my recordist, spent a whole day from 10am to 3am with me to record the vocal…

Thank to Uniko, who composed the Japanese lyrics for me, she is my good friend for years, always provide me the best lyrics. She has her own writing studio now, I’m so happy for her!

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