Play with Shimi

Shimi is a cute robot born in GTCMT, I built a pair of “eyes” and a realtime interactive system for Shimi to interact with me with her “gift of music”. It was a great fun.

The Soundtrack Of Shanghai – For Shanghai International Science And Art Exhibition 2012

I composed and made it during my sophomore year for Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition, to give the the visitors an unexpected experience about music, I combined the music I created and the video (made by Jiachuan, a friend of mine who is majored in broadcast and tv director) with interactive media using MAX/MSP/JITTER, which was quite a challenge to me.

I hope I could reproduce the exhibition through the website but it seems not possible for the time being, I can just put the music and video part with some photos of the exhibition to show how it works. It’s really an unforgettable experience to me!

Thanks to my fantastic teammates Alicia, Ark, Sirain and Jiachuan. They made great contribution to the exhibition.

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Shadow – For Video And Electronic

I composed during my junior year, I directed and edited the video as well. Thank to my sweet, supportive girlfriend Alicia (Who is my wife now!), she did the filming for me.

I took part in the 2014 MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Composition Competition, “Shadow” won the second place, what a great honor!

Everyone’s got a dirty laundry, just like our shadow follows us all the way in our life. It can be buried deep in our heart, but as the time goes by, it also grows bigger and bigger and may control of our whole heart at last… We can never get rid of it, but can we find a way to defeat it?