Split – for Algorithmic Composition with Live Audience Participation

First Movement(0:00-3:54): Fixed Composition

Second Movement(3:55-7:20): Written in cSound. Source Code Here

Third Movement(audio not included): Written in javascript with WebAudio Api, Live Audience Participation mechanism includes a backend for socket written in node.JS. Source Code Here

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Fanjin’s Dream – For SuoNa, Chinese percussions and Electronic

Fanjin is a character from an old Chinese story who always wanted to pass the imperial examinations, he tried it for 34 years from his 20-year-old, but all failed. Then, something good happened to him when he was 54 , he was helped by a reputed local official and passed the examinations eventually.  he was way too happy  to stop himself running, dancing and singing when he knew this great news. But, after several days in cloud nine, he went crazy at last. That the end of the ironic story…

The Oscillation – For Electric Guitar and Live Electronic


I composed it for the graduation concert of our department, thanks to Dayu, one of my friend who is a professional guitarist to play the guitar for me at the concert. But sadly, something went wrong with my computer during our performance, so I wasn’t able to get the live video. 🙁

Now you are listening to the demo version, the guitar is played by myself.

Our mindsets are made of two different parts, sensibility and rationality. Sensibility contains a lot of emotions like passion, anger, excitement, sad… But rationality only cares about what, how and why. The confilct between them seems ceaseless, but they still keep a delicate balance. This piece focouses on describing the beauty of the unstable balance.


Full Score Here



Shadow – For Video And Electronic

I composed during my junior year, I directed and edited the video as well. Thank to my sweet, supportive girlfriend Alicia (Who is my wife now!), she did the filming for me.

I took part in the 2014 MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Composition Competition, “Shadow” won the second place, what a great honor!

Everyone’s got a dirty laundry, just like our shadow follows us all the way in our life. It can be buried deep in our heart, but as the time goes by, it also grows bigger and bigger and may control of our whole heart at last… We can never get rid of it, but can we find a way to defeat it?